Botox Injectable Treatment Miami

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Botox Injectable Treatment Miami

All About the Botox Injectable Treatment

Wrinkles could sometimes ruin the entire beauty of the face. Smoothing out these wrinkles and diminishing the signs of aging in the process leaves your facial appearance flawless. Frown lines and other unwanted lines across the face can be completely taken out by using a Botox injectable treatment. With the help of a cosmetic surgeon, Botox is injected into the obvious muscles, clearing out the wrinkle. Let’s learn a thing or two about the treatment.

How Does the Botox Treatment Work?

Before we get into the details of how this product works, please be informed that only a board-certified surgeon is experienced for the procedure. By injecting a fine needle containing Botox into the facial stream, the muscles causing the wrinkles gets relaxed leaving your face smooth. The contents in Botox immediately stops the flow of nerve signals to the muscle reducing its means of contracting to form deformed wrinkles.

What’s the Cost of The Botox Product?

How best do I explain this? The total cost of this treatment would be determined by your customized needs. Usually, the estimate of this injectable option is presented after consultation with the dermatologist. Aside from the professional insights and recommendations to the quantity of Botox needed, your preferred needs are also taken into consideration. Therefore, up until you’ve scheduled an appointment with us the cost is unknown.

How Long Does the Botox Product Last?

The effect of the injection could take between 3-6 months before it begins to fade away. This process varies among every patient because of the ranking factors that determine how long its effect would last. After the lasted duration of the product, the patient would gradually notice a reformation of the once smooth muscle. The age of the patient, skin texture, condition, diet, and facial expressions are factors that could determine how long the effect of the product lasts.

When Do I Get to See the Results?

It usually would take not more than 72 hours for the effects of Botox to be noticed. Within the 72-hour timeframe, a significant amount of results and changes would be spotted on the wrinkles. Please note that only after 14 days would the entire effect be seen in each applied area. Also, results may vary due to the factors earlier mentioned in the preceding heading. The Botox injectable treatment has been trusted and effective at attacking facial wrinkles and frown lines for years. Want get those wrinkles taken care of? Schedule an appointment with us today.

Ready to Get $100 off your Botox Injectable Treatment and $500 worth of discounts?